What our Clients say

I have just had tree pruning and planting completed this past weekend by the incredible Ray Smith Team.  Don Kwarta and his team did the pruning and tree removal.  Jason Argentieri and his men worked at my property on Friday to install the plantings.
I would say that I am not an easy person to please.  I like when people are responsive and stand behind their work.  I am so incredibly pleased, from the moment they stepped foot on my property, till the very end, very beautiful results.
Both men follow-up and follow through.  They are interested in your comments.  They ensure that you are pleased and keep you in the loop. 
Outstanding work should be acknowledged.  I love what was done!
Eva Herman Bridgehampton July 2017
I am writing today to express my complete satisfaction with my recent experience with your company and its employees. I have been in the construction business most of my life and employed nearly 100 employees myself. I've also done many renovation projects on my own properties. Working with Jason Argentieri has been one of the best experiences I've had working with a contractor. He won me over from the beginning, winning a competitive bid process by understanding what I was looking for, presenting a complete and thorough proposal at a competitive price. He did an outstanding job overseeing the execution of the project while providing me with eyes on the project. This was greatly appreciated by me as I live in the Boston area and was managing this renovation from a distance. Often I had to trust his eyes and judgment which is quite difficult for someone life myself. He really went above and beyond in his effort. The end result was a beautifully landscaped yard and was finished on time, while dealing with a tight deadline. Also I must compliment your entire hard working crew including the supervisor John. Great job by all.

Thank you,
Tony Tocco
Recently, I asked Ray Smith to do some pruning and other tree work. This work has now been done, and, as always with Ray Smith, It was very well done, and as always Rebekah was efficient and knowledgeable. I have found Ray Smith to be an immense improvement over the internationally advertised arborists I had employed previously.
C.G.B Garrett East Hampton November 4, 2014
Hello Rebekah,
Many many thanks for the superb job that your crew did. Everything was so clean after they left. So- Please tell them that they did a superb job.

Geoffrey & Jacque
East Hampton October 15, 2014
Thanks to Ray Smith & Associates Inc. personnel for a job well-done, from the day of discussion to work completed.
Barbara Gregory Sag Harbor August 4, 2014
What can we say about you, Ray, and Ray Smith & Associates, Inc. except, "you're the greatest...thank you!" You give so much of yourself, your talent, and your time to LongHouse...thank you.
Matko Tomicic LongHouse Executive Director July 2011
Your Hornbeams are like fine jewelry making all else wonderfully GLOW.
Jack Lenor Larsen LongHouse Founder August 2011
Hirsan is doing work here today and "he's doing a wonderful job!"
Mrs. V. Brown Bridgehampton August 2011
Your men did well. More & more visitors here realize the beauty is in your pruning and shaping.
Jack Lenor Larsen LongHouse Reserve, East Hampton July 2012
…I first met Ray Smith many years ago when he trimmed trees for my father. I remember my father liked him and thought he was very knowledgeable. I believe he was working for another company at that time. At some point Ray Smith became Ray Smith Assoc. They have trimmed my trees and removed trees for me over the years. I had two trees that I thought were dying. However, Ray came to my house and looked at them and assured me he could save them. I didn't believe him. That was several years ago. The trees are still there, and healthy. Great Job! Sometimes people have commented to me that they are expensive. So are lawsuits. Years ago my neighbor had a local guy trim his trees. Unfortunately, he fell out of the tree. He had no insurance. It cost my neighbor a fortune. My neighbor told me the story, since he didn't want me to make the same mistake he made. Luckily, my father taught me well. I use Ray Smith Assoc.
Kathy Muller Sag Harbor August 2012
For the last few years I've used Ray Smith's service to combat this infestation. Always happy to see that my plants are surviving another season.
Ray Smith's technicians are quite professional, first by always knocking on the door to make me aware they're there. Secondly to info me which spraying they're doing and what chemicals that they're spraying and why. And lastly, to give me a heads up on when it would be safe to let my dog out into the yard.
William Kirincich East Hampton October 2013